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New Zealand Wild Life

Trewick SA, Morgan-Richards M. 2014. New Zealand Wild Life.
Penguin, New Zealand. ISBN-13:9780143568896 ISBN-10:0143568892

NZ Booklovers – “The authors, Steve Trewick and Mary Morgan-Richards, use a direct narrative approach that is not often seen in nature books like this, and it works very well. The text is supported by excellent photography and graphics, which also contribute to the story.”

Fishpond- “NZ Wild Life is an engrossing and illuminating exploration into the everyday biology of New Zealand. Interweaving the miniature with the majestic, ancient history with the most up-to-date findings, biologists Steve Trewick and Mary Morgan-Richards tell an enchanting story of New Zealand's ever-changing natural landscape. The evolution of New Zealand's wildlife is a dynamic inter between isolation and colonisation, the ancient and more recent, species growth and extinction. An accessible, informative and illustrated guide to the 'wild' wonderland that is outdoors New Zealand - suitable for readers of all ages and abilities.”

The new revised and expanded edition will be availble Christmas 2017