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Evolutionary Ecology & Genetics


PhD Project and Scholarship:

Evolution, climate, snail shells and oxygen isotopes. 

Massey University, New Zealand.

Description: Andromeda:Users:strewick:Desktop:snailmorph.pngThe isotope composition of snail shells is determined by the water and temperature during shell formation, providing evidence of past environments. A PhD position is available to determine the relationship between isotope values and environmental variables in New Zealand terrestrial snail shells to study morphological evolution of the snails. The results will allow development of a new palaeoenvironmental proxy that will contribute to our understanding of New Zealand’s climate and environmental history. Over the last 5000 years, one species of terrestrial snail in New Zealand demonstrates morphological stasis for almost all traits studied. The aim of this project is to test the hypothesis that this morphological stasis is the result of constraining selection (in a constant environment), and not gene flow.

Please write to a member of the supervisory team for further details:
A/Prof Mary Morgan-Richards;
Dr Kat Holt:
Dr Drew Lorrey: 

A BSc Hons or MSc degree in some area of evolutionary biology or earth science is required (e.g. palaeontology; zoology; statistics; molecular ecology; genetics; geology; computational biology). The scholarship is open to all nationalities. Support includes a NZ$25k p.a. three year stipend with university fees paid.


If you would like to be considered, send your CV, cover letter, and contact information for two references (before 26th November 2016) to