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My main interest in evolutionary biology is the divergence and convergence via biological interactions. In particular, I focused on predator-prey interaction between snail-eating ground beetles and land snails in Japan and New Zealand. I am also interested in the citizen science as a powerful tool against an invasive species, the giant garden slug Limax maximus recently introduced to Japan (e.g. Morii et al., 2018, Science of the Total Environment).

I completed my Ph.D with Professor Satoshi Chiba (Tohoku University, Japan) in 2014, and since then have undertaken postdoctoral positions at the Hokkaido University in Japan, and the University of Groningen in Netherlands. I showed the phenotypic divergence and speciation of land snails driven by ground beetles in my doctoral thesis, and published several papers (e.g. Morii et al., 2016, Scientific Reports).

Now, I am a JSPS postdoctoral researcher at Massey University, and my ongoing research topic in New Zealand is "Red Queen Hypothesis as a cause of the co-divergence between predator and prey". I will explore the co-radiation process via evolutionary arms race between endemic arthropods and microsnails in New Zealand, with genetic, morphological and experimental approaches.

Ecological speciation in Hokaido snails.



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