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Emily Koot

I recently completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Ecology and Zoology and have I am doing an Honours degree in Zoology. During the 2012/2013 summer I was selected for an INR summer studentship, working with Mary Morgan-Richards, Steve Trewick and fellow postgrads on the foraging behaviour of bronze beetles and foraging and sexual selection in New Zealand tree weta species.For my research project I am looking into the systematics and conservation biology of Peripatus or velvet worms.  Growing up on a farm I have always had a love of animals and in recent years have developed a passion for conservation.  I intend to go on to do my PhD, and would like to have a CONSERVATION base to all my present and future research.


2012 Massey University, BSc Ecology & Zoology

Scholarships & awards:

2012 INR summer studentship
2012 Massey Scholarship (top 5% College of Sciences)