Phoenix Group

Evolutionary Ecology & Genetics


These are some of the taxa under study by members of our group. A number of the images provide links to pages with more information.

Tree Weta Wellington_weta
Velvet worms Swamphen Alpine Scree Weta Tree Weta sex (youtube) Tree Weta Biology- Visit the WetaGeta
cave weta
falcon chick
stick inserct placostylus
A cave weta- Visit the WetaGeta NZ Falcon Sigaus australis Stick insects Giant snails
bronze beetle
Pigeon weka
Earwigs Bronze beetles Small-scaled skink Kereru - Pigeon Rails (weka)
darwins frog Parasitoids Agathemera kagu millipede
Darwin's Frog- Chile   Agathemera Kagu- New Caledonia Millipede

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